Aromatherapy Full Body Massage

Relax & Unwind. Bring the body into balance with your perfectly pressured massage 


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Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage

Relax & Unwind


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Hot Stone Massage

Using warm stones to gently unknot every muscle and let you unwind while you
gently drift all your stress away.


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Magnesium Salt Scrub - for your back

Polishes the skin of your back - the area of the body that’s hard to clean and requires the occasional exfoliation - using Like Zen Magnesium Coffee Scrub, which also contains Pink Himalayan salt to give you silky and smooth skin.


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Spray Tanning

Techno Tan caters for various skin types and tones with over 8 different colours and bases our Tanning Technician can achieve the perfect tan for you every time. We use Sunescape and Techno tan, which uses organic ingredients.
We can perfectly match your skin type and colour for the perfect, flawless tan.
Highlighting and shading also available.

Our tans have a hydrating boost technology with powerful antioxidants, feeding
your skin to hydrate your skin while you have your tan.

Week in Bondi – Light Tan
Caramel Kiss – Perfect for Brides
Week in Fiji – Medium Tan
Chocolate Fudge – Medium to Dark Tan
Month in Maui – Dark Tan
Festival Tan – Extremely Dark Tan

Full Body $44
Half Body $27
Bundle of 5 Tans $195
(usable anytime, valid for 6 months from the date of purchase)

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Lipo Laser Treatment

• Shrinks Stubborn Fat
• Tightens Loose Skin

A non-invasive body sculpting treatment that tightens the skin and targets stubborn pockets of fat and unsightly cellulite. The laser penetrates fat cells to break them down in size and then passes
them through the body’s natural metabolic system. We team these treatments with our Fat Cavitation Treatments to maximise results.

This treatment effectively targets these problem areas and many more:
• Love handles • Upper thigh fat
• Stomach fat • Back fat
• Tuckshop arms

A recommended course of 8 treatments per area including Fat Cavitation $850

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